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Fully Automated Tool Measurement and Preparation - Motek Premiere for ZOLLER

ZOLLER, well known as a leading manufacturer of tool presetting and measuring machines, has developed more and more as a system provider over the past several decades. In addition to automated tool measurement and preparation, ZOLLER has now developed a new collaborative robot for the tool room – which makes this a great time for the company to take part in its first international exhibition for production and assembly automation, Motek.

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Connect Four - Solutions for Economical Tool Handling - AMB 2018

Whether for machining production, tool manufacturing, or grinding and sanding: ZOLLER is presenting solutions in each of its four product areas at this year’s AMB for efficient tool (data) handling – from tool presetting and measuring devices and measuring machines for tool inspection to tool management solutions and automation, with the premiere of its collaborative robot for the tool room.

ZOLLER, well known as a leading manufacturer of tool presetting and measuring devices, has developed more and more as a system provider over the past several decades. In addition to its TMS Tool Management Solutions software for efficient tool data management, ZOLLER also offers a broad spectrum of tool storage cabinets and automation solutions today to equip its customers’ entire tool room.

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Connected to the Future - EMO 2017

More than 10 innovations, 36 presetting, measuring, and inspection machines, and comprehensive tool management software solutions in 420 square meters: At this year’s EMO, ZOLLER will be displaying a complete production infrastructure — from CAM workstation to presetting and measuring machines to the machine tool — quality assurance for tools is included. Connect to the production requirements of the future! Visit us at EMO in Hall 3, Stand B-18 and experience Smart Factory solutions live and in person, and as a thrilling virtual experience!

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Collision Avoided: Moulding Expo - April 2017

The topic of process safety is one major focus of current discussions in production. In response to this interest, ZOLLER offers highly precise presetting and measuring machines specifically designed for the challenges of tool and mold construction, which involve a high level of part variation. We also offer efficient tool management solutions, and measuring programs in »pilot 3.0« such as »toolrealityCheck« for fast and guaranteed collision-free work.

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World Premiere: New Presetting and Measuring Machine Series - Sept 2016

ZOLLER, the world’s leading manufacturer of presetting, measuring, and inspection devices, will be presenting its new generation of presetting and measuring devices at AMB 2016 for the first time. The devices offer a new design and uncompromising quality. The unbeatable combination of optimized ergonomics and comprehensive hardware and software functionality guarantees highly precise measuring results for every tool and creates true added economic value.

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Prepare today for the market of tomorrow with ZOLLER - March 2016

ZOLLER presents extensive product portfolio and numerous innovations at GrindTec 2016

Whether tool manufacturer or grinding company; whether measuring individual parameters or handling complex measuring tasks – ZOLLER presents its extensive measuring technology solutions portfolio at the GrindTec 2016 on 160 m2. ZOLLER has been well-known for innovative solutions for many years and this is another chance for visitors to see numerous innovations and further developments on display.

Over the last years, ZOLLER has put great effort into developing the product range for tool measurement technology and has further extended its portfolio for process-oriented measuring (pom) as well as for highly complex complete measuring tasks in quality assurance.

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Simply better organized - Jan 2013

Who is not familiar with this from his own production operation - that search for the right tools for the job! Where are the tools, and are they available as a complete set or as individual components? Because while large sums are being invested in high-tech machines and in ever greater numbers of tools, technically obsolete production operations tend to slip from the field of view – and the vast potential for improving efficiency, and through that to cut down on cost, all inherent in the modernization of procedures of this kind, all too often fails to get the recognition it merits.

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ZOLLER opens up new dimensions - Sept 2013

With its expanded product range of solutions for the measurement and organization of cutting tools, ZOLLER opens up new dimensions – according to the show motto 2013: Maximum Dimension.
A maximum of economic viability, maximum efficiency, maximum precision and leading operating technology – those are the fundamental characteristics of ZOLLER products. This years innovations presented at EMO 2013 in hall 3, booth F-25 are furthermore connected by one shared data base guaranteeing a transparent flow of all tool data throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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„Ready for take-off“: partnership between KROMI and ZOLLER - Sept 2013

The partnership between KROMI and ZOLLER is not accidental: both companies provide innovative solutions for optimizing machining. But two companies that seem to be working on common ground at first glance turn out on closer inspection to complement each other perfectly and be an ideal match. While ZOLLER, as an expert for tool presetting and measuring as well as toolmanagement, focuses on optimizing machine operating times with innovative tool presetting equipment, KROMI, as a machining expert, aims at optimizing the cost per component with an ingenious tool supply concept.

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Interface to greater efficiency - Oct 2014

Euromold 2014, 25. – 28. November, Frankfurt am Main
ZOLLER Hall 8, Stand G02

Current discussions about manufacturing focus on the greatest possible transparency of know-how transfer along the process chain as well on the topic of process safety. Variance in parts is yet another challenge, particularly in tool and mold forming, and even a lot size 1 needs to be manufactured economically. Tools need to be reassembled continuously, depending on the parts - interfaces for efficiency are largely given through transparent tool organization and the simulation  of the NC program with real tool data....

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Tool Management To Go - Feb 2015

Product innovation: ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions Apps for packages BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD!

ZOLLER has just launched three new apps for each of its TMS Tool Management Solutions software packages to give users access to their tool data at any time from any location. All information is transparently displayed and easy to use, which is what users expect from their iPhones and iPads.

The app can be used with any company-wide wireless connection or at any preferred location with Internet access. It is available from the App store for the iPhone and iPad with IOS 7 and 8.

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Tool Presetters Increase Productivity - March 2015

ZOLLER tool presetters increase productivity: this is the topic of the interview with Canadian Metalworking!

When it comes to tool room quality and management, presetting is one way to increase profit and boost productivity. Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve cycle times, lessen down time, and enhance the production process. One of the first thoughts is often the need to upgrade existing equipment. However, purchasing a presetter machine can make a difference, and is often the less expensive option to streamline the manufacturing process. Canadian Metalworking spoke with ZOLLER, a German-based manufacturer of inspection and measuring technology, to find out what presetting can do to maximize quality control.

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All Set - July 2015

For companies looking to enhance their productivity it takes a strong will and a disciplined
mind to resist the temptation to simply rush out and buy the latest and greatest machine tool but there are other considerations that could be taken into account. Tool presetting is an often overlooked, cost-effective process that according to Zoller UK, part of the Carfulan Group, can increase productivity by around 20% per machine tool. Dave Tudor reports.

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Get in touch! LIve at EMO 2015 - Aug 15

Increasing variant diversity, shorter production cycles and a growing demand on quality are only three of the many requirements for production nowadays. Flexibility is called for but also cost-effective solutions for efficient processes and optimization of set-up times, as well as measurement solutions for new tools, materials and processing technologies.

ZOLLER shows that complex measuring tasks and tool database management is by no means just the reserve of specialists. At EMO, ZOLLER will present solutions based on the principle: challenging tasks are easy to handle und can be economically implemented.

A uniform tool database and data consistency from drawing to the completed part, high degree of automation, repetitive, retrievable and operator-independent results – and last but not least, easy operation: these are the features that define ZOLLER solutions across all product areas.

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Live from EMO - Oct 2015

Networking 4.0

Safer-simpler-more-flexibly to the finished
Key prerequisites for competitive manufacturing today are process reliability and response speed.Process reliability and just-in-time production are prerequisites to meet today’s demanding manufacturing requirements. The first of these depends absolutely on unique tool identification and process-reliable, or end-to-end transfer of tool data. The ability to respond quickly to change requires the use of correspondingly flexible and expandable systems. ZOLLER solutions offer both: Integrating the existing production assets and processes, and flexible evolution options to meet the requirements of tomorrow.....

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»roboSet«: The smart automation solution - Dec 2012

»roboSet« loads your ZOLLER measuring device right around the clock in unmanned mode, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Complex measuring tasks can be proccessed in a fully automatic way, and 100% inspection is guaranteed.

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New: Reality-Check to avoid collision - Nov 2012

Is there any user that hasn’t experienced the following situation: The programmed nominal data do not comply with the real, actual data. A situation that can lead to expensive collisions within the machine. With the »tool realityCheck« ZOLLER has created a solution to prevent this.

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ESPRIT-ZOLLER Interface - Oct 2012

DP Technology Corp., creator of ESPRIT® computer-aided-manufacturing software, and ZOLLER GmbH & Co. KG., provider of tool-measurement machines and solutions, are pleased to introduce the new ESPRIT-ZOLLER Interface for ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions. Designed for ease of use in data transfer between the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions database and ESPRIT CAM system, this new add-in makes it easy to create and manage tools.

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A passion for precision - Oct 2012

NOMOS Glashütte and its timeless watch designs is one of the world's leading companies in the horology sector. The 'manufactory' is located near Dresden, Germany, and makes ultra-high-precision mechanical watches employing high-tech methods as well as a great deal of craftsmanship. The remarkably filigree components are produced on precision tools, and the most stringent of demands are imposed on the measurement and inspection of these machine tools. Demands in terms of precision and accuracy that ZOLLER measuring tools are capable of satisfying.

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ZOLLER: impressive product portfolio at AMB - Sept 2012

Like no other exhibitor at the show, ZOLLER impressed with a comprehensive product range for presetting, measuring, inspecting and managing of tools. No matter what size or shape – ZOLLER offers the suitable machine. This was proven by the complete product range showcased at the booth…

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Global inspiration – local realization - Jul 2012

Swabian company ZOLLER presents solutions at the AMB which were developed in-house and set standards worldwide.
To date more than 28,000 presetting and measuring machines with worldwide unrivaled software solutions have been sold. In Baden-Wuerttemberg alone, 2855 ZOLLER measuring and presetting machines (as of 31 July 2012) are in use. This more than illustrates the successful metamorphosis from a powerhouse of ideas to a major player on the market which is increasingly moving from being a manufacturer of presetting and measuring machines to a global provider of technology and systems solutions.

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Functions extended for leading software - June 2012

ZOLLER stands for quality, precision, reliability and a sense of efficiency. These are the principles the Swabian family business has always followed to develop technologies which set standards – with worldwide leading presetting and measuring machines, and equally with the worldwide unrivalled system of software modules including image processing technology. A good example to demonstrate that ZOLLER never rests on its laurels and works hard at making the best even better, is the update of the »pilot 3.0« software.

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Quantum leap in the measurement of hobs - Apr 2012

Gear cutting is a challenging task. Only perfectly made and re-sharpened tools can guarantee correct workpieces, short setup times and thus low downtimes of the expensive gear cutting machines. Full documentation and logging are a fundamental requirement.

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Facts on the table - Jan 2012

Complete and also multi-spindle processing on a machine is only possible in the right environment.-Concentricity, balancing and rapid shrink out and shrink-clamping of tools are therefore today's major requirements for heat-shrink machines. This is why numerous companies have relied on the unique combination provided by the >>redomatic<< presetting, measuring and heat-shrinking machine by ZOLLER for a considerable time. The »redomatic« possesses the ideal prerequisites for shrinking tools easily and fast with a precision of ± 10 μm – interested parties are welcome to test the machine in Pleidelsheim at any time.

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EuroMold: With real data to more productivity - Nov 2011

Successful enterprises in the die and mold making industry have already been working with presetting and measuring machines for some time.

As a logical consequence, the industry has now started employing software solutions to make use of this real data for contour calculation in CAM.

EuroMold 2011 is a great platform for ZOLLER to show its new productivity-boosting products for the die and mold making industry.

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EMO 2011 - ZOLLER confirms leading role - Sep 2011

...On close to 400m², ZOLLER will be exhibiting 15 real global firsts in tool measuring technology and its organization, which all have one thing in common: to accelerate the manufacturing process and make it more economical. The Swabian company with its enthusiasm for inspection and measuring technology yet again confirms its leading role in this sector.

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Attractive overall solution for tool simulation and measurement - Jul 2011

...The abbreviation »caz« stands for computer-aided ZOLLER and describes the world's first ever virtual measuring machine, developed by ZOLLER. With the complete integration into the control software »pilot 3.0« ZOLLER thus offers an attractive overall solution...

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Optimal data flow - Jun 2011

..."Optimizing complex manufacturing processes and making them more efficient, is a challenge which every company faces daily in a competitive environment. Manufacturing can be made more efficient through a transparent exchange of data between tool management and CAM system. ZOLLER and CAMTECH bundled their competence for this task ..."

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Software for measuring machines assures quality standards for special tools May 2011

..."The new software function developed by ZOLLER for measuring machines, »profil assistent« enables the efficient inspection and measuring of special tools. Drawings of special tools can virtually be generated at the push of a button, thus considerably accelerating measuring and inspection procedures"...

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»millCheck« - Automatic measuring process for definite productivity increase - Apr 2011

..."Due to their extremely high cutting performance, face milling cutters are mainly used for manufacturing engines or for machining gray cast iron. These tools are also regarded as being very flexible, as the indexable inserts can be exchanged very quickly. Because the cutting edges are arranged in tight succession around the circumference of the tool"...

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Control Exhibition - Mar 2011

..."Measuring and inspection machines for tools need to be incorporated into the production process according to their environment and be easy to operate. Accordingly, the new generation of machines for process-oriented measuring, »pom« by ZOLLER is optimized to the essentials. In future it will be possible with »pomDiaCheck« and »pomBasisEdgeCheck« to"...

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Lunch & Learn - Software - live and practical - Feb 2011

..."Using the new software TMS Tool Management Solutions, potential users can experience live and close-up, how the application of the software can optimize manufacturing processes. As leading manufacturer of presetting and measuring machines, Zoller will in future offer measuring and presetting technology together with software as a single source. Especially interesting is"...

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Tagungsreader mav Innovationsforum 2011 - Jan 2011

..."Whether small lots or fast changes, – modern manufacturing needs to meet many challenges. High demands on the precision of the workpieces, ever shorter set-up times due to smaller lots, as well as more complex tools due to multifunctional machining, all take their toll. Now is the time to minimize throughput times,"...

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