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What do ZOLLER and a simple gear have in common? Both are proven in use and high efficiency. (Gear Solutions 02/2015)

By presenting spiral face gears with an involute tooth line and an identical tooth profile in the normal section at any given radius, two applications are made possible for such face gears.

Gears have existed for over 2000 years and are an indispensable part of today's technology. Whether in the car, in a pinwheel, or a movement – a gear is used in many ways. In order to achieve perfect gearing, maximum efficiency, and maximum power, gears must be manufactured in a very precise manner with equally precise tools. Today's demands on gears—such as minimal friction forces, low noise, low maintenance, durability, and minimum weight—were made with the advent of mechanical engineering and the automotive and energy industries, and they have significantly grown in importance. Consequently, higher demands are placed on accuracy, and precise manufacturing is of utmost importance. In hobbing, several teeth are always in use at the same time thereby placing great demands on the accuracy of the tools, in particular for the production of large-module gears using new cutter concepts, such as the turning plate technology.

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Moving up a gear thanks to combines expertise (Werkzeug Technik, Aug. 2013)

A joint development project by SANDVIK Coromant and ZOLLER leads to increases in production efficiency and provides users with true added value.

Promising growth potential has been forecast for large gears over the next years. This creates a demand for intelligent tool concepts. SANDVIK Coromant, world market leader for tool solutions in the metalprocessing industry, and ZOLLER, innovation leader in the field of tool measuring technology, have combined their  expertise in a joint development project. The result is a unique technological solution with a true value-add for the user

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New Reality-Check to Avoid Collision (CNC WEST, April 2013)

Especially in the tool and mold making industry a considerable amount of time passes between the creation of a NC program an the actual use of "real" tools in the machining center…

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»roboSet« - The Smart Automation Solution (CNC WEST, April 2013)

With ist new »roboSet«, first introduces at IMTS 2012, Zoller offers an efficient automation solution for companies with high tool throughput levels…

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Tool Train (CTE, Feb. 2013)

The heart of rail technology beats in Germany, where the Bombardier Transportation division of the Canadian conglomerate is headquartered in Berlin...

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Zoller offers inspection for hob cutters (Geartechnology, Jan. 2013)

Gear cutting is an challenging task. Only perfect an re-sharpened tools can guarantee correct workpieces, short setup times and low downtimes of expensive gaer cutting machines…

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Software Module Prevents Collisions (Modern Maschine Shop, Feb. 2013)

The software module tool realityCheck from Zoller is designed to provide fast, precise collision checks during setup to determine whether a scanned tool matches the original simulation tool. The module records the tool’s actual contour while it is rotated, simulating the machining process...

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Zoller announces extensive Lunch & Learn Workshop Series (Industrial Machinery Digest, Jan 2013)

The correct tool data anytime and anywhere: ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions are key to a cost-effective manufacturing process…

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Real-time tool data is key to achieving higher productivity (European Tool & Mould Making Apr. 2012)

The managing director of the presetting and measuring machine manufacturer E.Zoller GmbH talks about entering the tool management software business...

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