ZOLLER products in practice

Good references are the best argument. Here you will find current user reports of customers regardless of size and which sector of industry they belong to. The user reports describe ZOLLER products in practical use.

05-2015 - H. Beck Machinery Ltd.: Presetting System Saves Die-Maker Time, Money

H. Beck Machinery Ltd. (Windsor, ON, Canada) specializes in high-accuracy, large-scale CNC custom machining using 10 large machines from boring mills to a six-axis Droop + Rein mill and a five-axis Fidia machining center. ZOLLER tool management systems have saved H. Beck Machinery machine time and permitted longer untended machine operation in its machining of auto stamping dies from roughing to finishing.

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04-2015 - FRAISA SA: Measuring device allows speedy multi-tasking

Measuring tools can be a time-consuming task which cannot be neglected without compromising the quality of a company's products. A Swiss toolmaker is using a new machine said to combine speed, precision abd being able to perform several functions at the same time.

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10-2013 - VAT: Strong partners for zero defect production

VAT, an internationally operating Swiss company and market leader in vacuum valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industry, has been manufacturing in accordance with the zero defect principle for years.

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04-2013 - GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG: "Clean-up week" in the tool cabinet

Optimization of set-up times and tool life are objectives in any manufacturing operation. This usually focuses on machines, less often on lacking organization of tools. The GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG in Nuremberg, Germany, has created order in its tool management by introducing a ZOLLER solution, consisting of a tool presetter machine and the TMS Tool Management Solutions, a solution which has paid off: search times and corresponding longer machine operating times have been reduced, as have the costs for multiple stocks.

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04-2013 - SANDVIK Coromant: Moving up a gear thanks to combined expertise

Promising growth potential has been forecast for large gears over the next years. This creates a demand for intelligent tool concepts. SANDVIK Coromant, world market leader for tool solutions in the metalprocessing industry, and ZOLLER, innovation leader in the field of tool measuring technology, have  combined their expertise in a joint development project. The result is a unique technological solution with a true value-add for the user.

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04-2013 - Rhode and Schwarz: One for all

Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach, since 1969 part of Manufacturing Service of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, manufactures a truly diverse spectrum of parts at its facility in the Bavarian Forest. Besides manufacturing for the parent company, the factory also serves as service partner for the contract manufacturing of mechanical and electrical components. ZOLLER is present with a total of eight presetting and measuring machines in the areas of tool and mold making, the manufacturing of individual parts and, in future, also tool grinding. The multi-talent »redomatic« from ZOLLER provides accuracy and cost effectiveness in serial manufacturing – as well as being extremely operator-friendly.

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03-2013 - Nomos Glashütte/SA: A passion for precision - Up to the limits of accuracy

NOMOS Glashütte and its timeless watch designs is one of the world's leading companies in the horology sector. The 'manufactory' is located near Dresden, Germany, and makes ultra-high-precision mechanical watches employing high-tech methods as well as a great deal of craftsmanship. The remarkably filigree components are produced on precision tools, and the most stringent of demands are imposed on the measurement and inspection of these machine tools. Demands in terms of precision and accuracy that ZOLLER measuring tools are capable of satisfying.

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02-2013 - Bombardier Transportation: Bombardier Transportation implements integrated system to reduce costs, production time

Efficient tool management not only saves tool costs but also speeds up NC programming and shortens positioning times. Always assuming of course that the CAM programmers are able to access the real tool data. Bombardier Transportation has therefore implemented an integrated solution at its Netphen location, where body shells and bogies for rail vehicles are produced. This integrated solution comprises the TopSolid'Cam software from Missler and the Tool Management Solutions system from Zoller.

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07-2012 - Cummins Inc.: How Cummins is improving production efficiency

Cummins engineers saw that valuable production time could be saved by investing in ZOLLER tool presetting and heat shrinking technology. Avoiding tool setting on-machine saves about 5 minutes per tool, engineers estimated. Typically 6 tools a day are changed on each machine, which means comes to a half-hour production saved per machine per day. Cummins estimates it is achieving about 20% greater efficiency in production, thanks to the ZOLLER off-line presetting. The plant now changes its heat-shrink cutting tools and accurately sets key dimensions to within microns without interfering with production.

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06-2012 - Synthes GmbH: Preset for Precision

Components in medtech applications are becoming ever more intricate and delicate  while production tolerances continue to contract. Quite apart from that, materials finding use in medtech are difficult to machine in production, requiring a particular level of expertise. Despite these mounting challenges, medical device producer Synthes  market leader in the fields of osteosynthesis and maxillary and spinal surgery  has succeeded in appreciably stepping up both productivity and quality. Special presetting and measuring machines play a significant role in this.

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08-2011 - Carbro Corp.: Watching the Wheels

Watching the wheels

Making precision carbide cutters for the aerospace industry means that Carbro Corp., Lawndale, CA, must be very responsive to large and small orders with very high quality, long-life cutting tools — mills, reamers, routers, countersinks, and more.

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03-2011 - RTI Claro: Integrated Value - RTI Claro is offering more to its OEM aerospace clients

Intergrated value

As part of a global operation, RTI Claro is offering more to its OEM aerospace clients.

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05-2010 - Rochester Institute of Technology: Creating the future of manufacturing

Creating the future of manufacturing

If you’re skeptical of the future of North American metalworking manufacturing, make a visit to the Earl W. Brinkman Manufacturing and Machine Tools Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. It is here that a state of the art machine shop operates to teach future degreed engineers the essentials of materials processing using the Okuma THINC interface.

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07-2009 - BROMILEY MACHINE CO. INC.: Spot On: Tool presetter helps boost accuracy, productivity and savings

Spot On: Tool presetter helps boost accuracy, productivity and savings.

Jason Bromiley, vice president of John R. Bromiley Machine Co. Inc., a job shop in Chalfont, Pa., says: “I wanted something to help with the setups. Being a job shop, our biggest time-consuming factor is multiple setups."

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