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The high-end inspection and measuring machine for all precision tools

»titan«, the new high-end universal genius, allows fully automated measurements including cutting edge preparation using one system. The seven CNC-driven axes are used for highly precise and fully automated measurement of any type of metal cutting tools – from the measurement of the outer contour up to operator-independent full checks; completely documented and recorded. The fully automated positioning of the sensors, the high repeatability and the simple operation of even highly complex measurements are the state-of-the-art in the measuring and inspection technology! The operation of the measuring machine is easy and can be quickly learnt even in case of highly complex tasks – together with the ergonomic and user-friendly control panel an obvious economic and qualitative advantage, offered only by ZOLLER.


ZOLLER »pilot« image processing


Ergonomic operating elements


Consistent use of brand name products


Robust and workshop-compatible


Vibration-damped base


Flexible adaptation to your production


Multi sensor optic carrier


»titan« measuring machine performance capability test


Technical specification

Travel range Z-axis 600 mm
Travel range X-axis 130/80* mm
Travel range Y-axis ± 100 mm
Measurable tool diameter 260/200* mm
Measurable snap gauge diameter 80 mm
Max. tool length for axial incident light measurements 400 mm

* Measuring ranges with optic carrier CNC swiveling device

The quoted measuring range may be reduced under circumstances when using adapters and tool posts.
The choice of the „snap gauge“ reduces the maximum tool diameter X.


»pilot 3.0«

Prepared quickly and easily for any requirement

  • For both manual and CNC controlled presetting and measuring machines
  • For both small and large manufacturing needs
  • Conveniently and quickly preset, measure, inspect, and manage cutting tools of all kinds.
  • Transmit data via machine connections and interfaces to third party systems
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility



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    Brochure »titan«
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    Brochure »titan«

Your added value

  • Measurement of all parameters using one system
  • Highest precision thanks to vibration-damped base
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to modular setup and multi-sensor technology
  • Traceable and documented quality
  • Simple operation of even highly complex measurements
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