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»aralon« CNC

Fully automated tactile measurement of crankshaft cutters with internal cutting edges

»aralon« CNC is the ZOLLER solution for the fully automated tactile measurement of crankshaft cutters with internal tool cutting edges. The CNC-controlled electronic sensor can be rotated automatically around 180° degrees and positioned individually on all cutting edges, regardless of their alignment. The measuring system is able to determine run-out and concentricity and to compensate these automatically.

»aralon« CNC

ZOLLER image processing »pilot 3.0«

»aralon« CNC

Ergonomic operating elements

»aralon« CNC

Consistent use of branded products

»aralon« CNC

Robust and workshop-compatible

»aralon« CNC

Autofocus and ROD encoder

»aralon« CNC

»aralon« CNC measurement sensor

»aralon« CNC

Membrane keyboard and joystick

Important features:

Technical data

  »aralon CNC«
Measuring range Z-axis: 800 mm
Measuring range X-axis: 800 mm
Min. Inner diameter: 220 mm (standard); 185 mm (option)
Max. Inner diameter: 350 mm (standard); 300 mm (option)
Measuring range outer diameter: 620 mm (for concentricity compensation)
Max. Cutter width 70 mm

The quoted measuring range may be reduced under circumstances when using adapters or tool posts.


»pilot 3.0«

Prepared quickly and easily for any requirement

  • For both manual and CNC controlled presetting and measuring machines
  • For both small and large manufacturing needs
  • Conveniently and quickly preset, measure, inspect, and manage cutting tools of all kinds.
  • Transmit data via machine connections and interfaces to third party systems
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility


Your added value

  • Fully automated tactile ZOLLER solution for μmicro-precise measuring of crankshaft cutters with internal cutting edges.
  • Axial and radial measurement including longitudinal and cross sectional evaluations with a tolerance range per cutting edge
  • Modular, intuitive and operator-friendly »pilot 3.0« image processing


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