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»venturion 450«

The evolution of perfection: The premium presetting and measuring machine for tools of all kinds

The perfected design of this premium presetting and measuring machine impresses with maximum ergonomics and strong optics. With the direct connection with external systems and central management of all tool data with TMS Tool Management Solutions, »venturion« has everything you need for the networked manufacturing of the future. And for extreme longevity thanks to the best brand-name components and careful processing.

»venturion 450«

ZOLLER »pilot« image processing

»venturion 450«

Transmitted light camera with cutting edge inspection

»venturion 450«

»cockpit« ergonomic control unit

»venturion 450«

Consistent use of brand name products

»venturion 450«

Robust and equipped for the workshop

»venturion 450«

Membrane keypad for power-activated spindle clamping and spindle locking

»venturion 450«

ZOLLER »ace« high-precision spindle

»venturion 450«

»eQ« one-hand control handle

»venturion 450«

Ready for 4.0

Key features:

Technical Data

  »venturion 450«
Measuring range Z 450/620*/820* mm
Measuring range X 210/310* mm
Diameter 420/620* mm
Snap gage Ø 100/70/40 mm

Using adapters and attachment holders can reduce the indicated measuring range in some circumstances. The snap gage diameter depends on the options used.

* optionally available: the snap gage diameter will be reduced accordingly.


»pilot 3.0«

Prepared quickly and easily for any requirement

  • For both manual and CNC controlled presetting and measuring machines
  • For both small and large manufacturing needs
  • Conveniently and quickly preset, measure, inspect, and manage cutting tools of all kinds.
  • Transmit data via machine connections and interfaces to third party systems
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility

The image processing technologies»pilot 1.0« or »pilot 2mT« are also optionally available.


Data output tailored to your control technology

ZOLLER offers connections ot more than 100 different machine-readable output formats here. Manual entries are no longer necessary, since the data is directly available for the specific machine controller.

The following options are available for data output:

Measured tool data is printed onto a label used to identify the measured tool. Data can then be read out again with a scanner.

Alternatively, data can be stored on a cip in the tool holder with ZOLLER tool identification, then read later by the machine controller.

The most secure and most convenient data transmission option uses the DNC network. In this option, tool data is sent directly from the presetting and measuring machine to the machine controller.



Downloads and User Reports

  • Zoller_venturion450_brochuere-en
    Product brochure »venturion 450«
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  • Zoller_user_report_synthes_preset_for_precision
    Synthes user report
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  • Zoller-springmann_vat_venturion_user_report_en
    VAT user report
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  • Zertifikat_ven450_smartcheck_international_2017-11
    Zerfikat Electronic measuring equipment
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Your added value

  • Perfected design for maximum ergonomics
  • ZOLLER mechanics – precise, ergonomic, reliable
  • Extreme longevity thanks to the best brand-name components and careful processing
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