Save time and thus money with each tool change. The ZOLLER productivity calculator calculates the savings potential in your operation.
ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer convincing efficiency and are amortized within a short space of time. Measured and preset tools reduce machine downtime by at least 15%. That means you save at least 15,000 Euro per machine, year, and shift.


The productivity calculation is based on the following parameters:

  • ZOLLER guarantees you savings of at least 15,000 Euro per machine, year, and shift, if preset tools are used.
  • According to a survey by the RWTH Aachen, the annual tooling costs per annum equate to 10% of the machine value.
  • With the ZOLLER Tool Management Solutions you increase your productivity by at least 5%.


Guaranteed efficiency: tool-based production organization with a ZOLLER measuring device plus Tool Management Solutions

Your productivity increase with a ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine
49.500,00 € / Year
3 min.* 20 Changes* 220 Shifts* 75,00 €/ 60 * 3 Machine(s)
Productivity increase of 5% with ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions
19.800,00 € / Year
8 Hours* 220 Shifts* 75,00 € * 5% * 3 Machine(s)
Tooling cost savings of 2% of machine costs with ZOLLER image processing »pilot 3.0«
12.000,00 € / Year
200.000,00 € Value of machines* 2% * 3 Machine(s)

Total savings with ZOLLER
81.300,00 € / Year

Amortization time
11.81 Months
pay-off time for investment


This saving enables the use of a ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine in combination with ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions.

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