Top Speed and Secure Data Transfer to the Machine

Data Transfer Secure and Manufacturer-independent Manner

There are many different kinds of machine control systems. ZOLLER offers many ways of transmitting data in a secure and manufacturer-independent manner: Using labels, RFID chips, post-processors, or higher-level production management systems.

Multiple methods for (secure) machine data transfer

Worldwide, there is a large number of machine manufacturers who use different control systems. With ZOLLER, secure data transmission is possible, independently of the manufacturer: via label, RFID chip, Post Processors or higher-level production management systems.

Simple solutions for data transmission with »zidCode«

The efficient solution for tool identification and data transfer! See the simple and process reliable data transfer without network connection using »zidCode« (ZOLLER identification code). The procedure is very simple: The tools are measured by the ZOLLER presetting and measuring device. The measured tool data are encoded in a QR code, which is printed on a label. The QR code is only scanned with the reader, the data is automatically transferred to the control of the CNC machine. Manual data entry and typing errors are therefore eliminated. — Just watch the video and see how you can!

Automatic and direct: Data Transfer via Post Processor

With the Post Processors, measured actual tool data are prepared in a controller-compatible manner for each machine controller, and these are then transmitted directly to the CNC controller by the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine. Transmission is performed via the network or across a serial interface — eliminating any possibility of typographical errors. Depending on the machine controller, the format generator in the ZOLLER »pilot« image processing prepares all the data requested by the controller. The ZOLLER format generator already receives over 300 standard output formats (modifications to specific customer requirements are possible).

Absolute security is guaranteed: RFID-technology

Data transfer by means of an RFID chip is just as simple: the RFID chip is written with its actual data by a tool identification unit on the tool presetter and measuring machine and can be scanned automatically by the machine tool.

Crash excluded: Data Matrix Code on Tool Holder

Watch secure data exchange taking place between the FANUC machine, the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine, and the tool storage. They are all connected by the ZOLLER central database, z.One. Thanks to its individual data matrix code on the SCHUNK precision tool holder, the tool can be uniquely identified, assigned, and managed efficiently.