Product highlights

The ZOLLER tool management - for the economical organization of tools and machines

BRONZE Basic Solutions ensures the economical organization of entire tools, individual components and machines. All tools and tool components are captured at a single point, saved in the software and managed. This avoids duplicate and multiple data storage.

Tool management is based on the practice-proven and user-friendly ZOLLER software »pilot 3.0«.


  • Transparent organization of your tool pool
  • Central data storage in one system - instead of duplicate data storage
  • Easy administration of relevant documents

Software modules

Cloud import options

The import of your tool data into the TMS Tool Management Solutions is via a simple click with the import option from the clouds of suppliers such as ToolsUnited, NOVO, Machining Cloud, Hoffmann, EWS and others. Depending on which system you use, you can not only import 2D / 3D graphics, article characteristics and the technology data of individual components, but can also import entire assemblies.

Your benefits:

  • Reading instead of typing
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Maximum productivity



Tool data under control


With the TMS Tool Management Solutions BRONZE App you can now conveniently access tool data anytime and from anywhere and use it simultanously with your colleagues. Master every tool with your mobile device anytime in your W-LAN network including graphics, parts lists, accessory lists and article characteristics bar.


  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with graphics, parts and accessory lists and article characteristics bar
  • Code-Scanner for identification and view of realistic tool data

Tool data management

The ideal software module for smaller and medium-sized companies for the introduction of meaningful tool management. You can enter, manage and prepare tools, adapters, setting sheets and users from the comfort of your office. The efficient management of tools, individual components and setting sheets results in a maximum of manufacturing and planning safety. Searching for tools is a thing of the past using standardized data import and visualization per webcam. The software excels through a user-friendly, intuitive user interface.

Your benefits:

  • Easy data entry and centralized data storage
  • Manufacturing transparency
  • Maximum manufacturing and planning safety
  • Effective set-up of machines


Data import/export

The ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions Module »Data import and export« stands for platform-independent importing and exporting of tools, individual components and setting sheets, accessories, machine data, and more.

The self-explanatory structures of import and export in XML data format guarantee a neutral exchange of data as well as fast and easy handling. The data can be linked to third party systems via the standardized data format.

Your benefits:

  • Optional linking to third party systems
  • Process security

Data output with format generator

The software »Data entry/output/DNC with format generator« lets you output your measured tool data in control-adequate manner: via USB stick, network, DNC or serial interface (online). Over 100 provided control formats guarantee fast integration into your manufacturing process. You can generate numerous output formats or adapt existing output formats to your requirements. All you need to do is transfer the measured actual data of the tools to the machine control systems – this avoids entry errors and gives you the multiple benefits of reduced set-up times, fewer rejects, and more safety. The bottom line is huge cost savings.

Your benefits:

  • Safe, error-free data input
  • Time savings
  • Shorter set-up times
  • Fewer rejects
  • Process security

Technological data and article characteristics

The module »Technological data and article characteristics« is the software for the centralized and intelligent management of individual components and complete tools. This lets you catalog your tools appropriately and optimize their utilization. And finally, everyone in the company uses the same data as these are managed in a joint data base for the programming system. This optimizes your manufacturing process and gives safety. And: having to maintain only a single data base saves time and costs.

Your benefits:

  • Safety through uniform data usage
  • Time and cost savings through only having to maintain a single data base


Article characteristic bar according to DIN 4000

DIN 4000 is the standardized article characteristics bar structure which was developed for a standardized and sensible definition of data for article characteristics. Using the complete DIN 4000 article characteristics bar structure you can define your individual components and complete tools according to the standard. This ensures a smooth exchange of information with third party systems such as CAD/CAM and NC simulation systems. This standardized and standard-compliant data base enables automatic tool data import.

Your benefits:

  • Time savings through automated tool data import
  • Process safety through avoiding errors

Automatic generation of the envelope contours from article characteristics

Using the article characteristic structure which operates entirely on DIN 4000 basis, 2D drawings and 3D contours can be generated automatically from the stored or imported article characteristics in the ZOLLER tool management. This saves drawing of tools and guarantees process-safe assembly. Changes to your tools (i.e. extension lengths) are automatically implemented on the drawings. The thus generated 3D contours can be exported or provided to CAD/CAM and simulation systems for collision control.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and process-safe tool assembly based on tool drawings
  • Collision control
  • Times savings and process safety

measuring machine

The BRONZE package includes the integration of a ZOLLER presetting and measuring
machine. This allows you to also use all the functions of the TMS Tool Management
Solutions on your ZOLLER machine.


USB camera

The ZOLLER USB camera is flexible, handy and equipped with 2.0 megapixels. The camera is fast and easy to operate, and records tool images directly at the workstation with freely selectable view frames. This straightforward, practice-oriented data unit lets you operate extremely economically in combination with visualization via the camera. Instant visualization in tool management reduces search times in the tool data base considerably.

Your benefits:

  • Time savings through fast, easy compilation of the tool stocks
  • Visualization is possible at all workstations


The right information at the right time saves time and costs. With its universal, open data base access, the ZOLLER WebService lets third party systems access the ZOLLER tool data base in a standardized and easy manner. Among others, this enables access of CAD/CAM, NC simulation and ERP systems, regardless of operating system or programming language.

Your benefits:

  • Increased efficiency through fast and individual access to tool data
  • Centralized tool data organization, duplicated data records are no longer necessary
  • A leading data base, no redundant information, no maintenance requirements

Downloads and User Reports

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Your added value

  • Guaranteed quality through: high system availability, transparent and robust manufacturing processes, simple import and export of system data, as well as organization and integration of self-sustaining manufacturing units.
  • Absolute delivery on time through: short reaction periods, high process safety, controlled and monitored orders, plannable processes, as well as efficient process guidance.
  • Minimizes costs through: short throughput times, reduced tool costs, shorter set-up times, no time-intensive searching for tools, 24 hr tool availability, as well as reduced manufacturing costs.