Product highlights

The SILVER Advanced Solutions software ensures effective warehouse management and standardized production data management with organized tool management. Take advantage of the stored technology data and article characteristic bars for the optimal use of your CAD/CAM systems.

  • Systematic management of individual components and complete tools
  • Integrated flow control of all existing tools
  • Hit-Flop-List – for optimized stock control
  • Tool monitoring - for quality control and wear and tear analysis

Software modules

Interface »toolOrganizer«

Using the »toolOrganizer«, you store your assembled tools, tool components or accessories in a structured, systematic manner and so they are available at any time. The »toolOrganizer« includes a control system for the safe extraction of the desired component. Storing or removing components can be managed by bar code reader or manually.You can link the »toolOrganizer« directly to the store location management module.This contains a virtual 3D kit which displays the entire warehouse fast and easily in 3D and where items can be assigned to a virtual location. The warehouse location of the desired component is displayed operator-friendly with LEDs.

Your benefits:

  • Structured, systematic storage
  • Check system for correct retrieval
  • Optimal control via direct interface to the ZOLLER warehouse management
  • Circulation check and warehouse transparency
  • Stock management
  • Elimination of operator stocks at the work bench

Warehouse management to go


With the TMS Tool Management Solutions SILVER App, you have your tool and stock location management in your production with you everywhere and at any time via the W-LAN network, and can use these together with your colleagues. You can access every tool from any mobile device, including graphics, parts and accessory lists and the list of article characteristics. With SILVER, the key tool information is always at your fingertips. Due to stock location management and the graphic display, you always know where your tools are and have the option of making warehouse entries.


  • Mobile access to all tool data
  • Tool data management with graphics, parts, accessory and article characteristic lists
  • Stock location management with graphic display
  • Code scanner for the identification and display of data of real tools



Management of storage locations

With the module »Warehouse management« you can manage your complete tools, your tool components, and your accessories easily and up-to-date. The warehouse management includes a 3D design kit which allows you to display your stock threedimensionally easily and quickly and lets you assign your articles to a virtual bin location. Of course, third party systems can also be addressed. The stocks of each recorded article can be managed to give you a fast overview on the storage location, circulation and current stock levels. Feedback on circulation and stock levels is given at the push of a button. This gives you the necessary manufacturing transparency to provide your production economically with the required tools and components at all times.

Your benefits:

  • Fast warehouse overview
  • Time savings as no search required and shorter paths
  • 24h tool availability
  • Reduction of tool costs

Reduced warehouse user interface »quickPick«


The »quickPick« warehouse module is distinguished through its reduced interface for the simple and easy handling of individual components, complete tools, test equipment, devices, orders and accessories. You can perform warehouse bookings with only a few clicks. External stores and lift systems can, of course, be accessed via interfaces.

Your benefits:

  • Stock management of all pieces of equipment
  • Extremely easy handling, no training requirements
  • Reduction in search times



Test device management

Manages measuring and inspection devices for setting sheets and monitors calibration intervals. Test protocols are supplemented by meaningful graphs and improve the control of the measuring devices. Storing protocols of the measuring devices is available as an option. In combination with the warehouse management, the measuring devices can be assigned storage bins and be managed graphically.


Fixture management

Manages fixtures for the setting sheets and stores image information as well as set-up instructions. Fixture variants are managed as parts list information. In combination with the warehouse management, the fixtures can be assigned to storage bins and be managed graphically.


NC program management

Manages NC programs for setting sheets and offers the option of storing several program versions (version management). Information such as clamping diagram, tool drawings and the 3D model can be stored with the NC program. The NC program management includes a standard viewer. Additional option: integration of an external viewer.


KROMI interface


The TMS Tool Management Solutions SILVER package includes the interface to KROMI. This gives you fully automated data transfer of individual components from the KROMI system - complete data of all tools supplied by KROMI are available in the TMS Tool Management Solutions for further steps.


Item statistics, stock recording


The item statistic, based on store records, allows analysis of tool consumption. This supports you in identifying "top tools" and "flop tools".


Downloads and User Reports

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    Brochure ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions
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Your added value

  • Guaranteed quality through: high system availability, transparent and robust manufacturing processes, simple import and export of system data, as well as organization and integration of self-sustaining manufacturing units.
  • Absolute delivery on time through: short reaction periods, high process safety, controlled and monitored orders, plannable processes, as well as efficient process guidance.
  • Minimizes costs through: short throughput times, reduced tool costs, shorter set-up times, no time-intensive searching for tools, 24 hr tool availability, as well as reduced manufacturing costs.