Always a decisive step ahead

Be a decisive step ahead of your competitors with ZOLLER products: ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines lower costs and increase productivity. A competitive advantage appreciated by our customers.



ZOLLER develops the technologies you need tomorrow, today. Our own specialized development teams guarantee consistent progress and flexible, customer-oriented solutions. A technological step ahead which pays off for our customers.


Branded products

ZOLLER products stand for: precision, reliability and a long service life. This we guarantee for our own components and for all components we use from renown manufacturers. The result: brand quality without compromises.



Continuous and consistent quality management for over 50 years - that gives ZOLLER a product quality which is convincing, mechanically, electrically and electronically.
A decision for ZOLLER is a decision for 100% quality. Our products are consistently and continuously tested and developed further. ZOLLER supplies convincing quality, mechanically, electrically and electronically. That makes us unique.



We perfect everything that leaves our premises. We carefully check our presetting and measuring machines for absolute precision and measuring ability with certified test mandrels, calibration, angle and radius gauges. The result: incomparable.



In daily use, our presetting and measuring machines are convincing through proven ZOLLER design elements such as single-hand operating handles, membrane keyboards, swivable operating units, 180 degree access to the tools and other top fittings. At ZOLLER the user comes first.



For over 68 years we have been working on the future of measuring. This experience is reflected in our products and services. Your benefit: practical knowledge you can trust.