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If you have any queries regarding your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine, our hotline staff will be pleased to assist you.

+49 0 7144 8970-137

To ensure that you always benefit from the latest ZOLLER developments we offer you an annual software update: further developed and new measuring programs, optimized functions as well as faster performance. Ask us for your customized offer.

Quality control Maintenance contracts Comprehensive all-round package

The ZOLLER measuring machine is used for testing and measuring tools and should be integrated into the testing device management according to DIN EN ISO 9001, and is thus subject to inspection intervals.
To ensure and document that your ZOLLER machine consistently provides reliable and precise measuring results, ZOLLER offers various quality control models with measuring devices which can be traced to national standards and testing devices.

Many of our customers already rely on maintenance contracts as they can thus plan maintenance periods and costs, reduce service costs and thus maximize their investments. ZOLLER can offer you customized packages.

ZOLLER offers you a comprehensive package which includes maintenance, quality control and software maintenance. We look after your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine and you can concentrate on looking after other important things.

Measuring machine capability test Modifications and retro-fits Repairs

Includes proof to which precision tools can be measured on the ZOLLER measuring machine to subsequently manufacture workpieces at the required tolerance levels.
ZOLLER offers this proof according to Cg/Cgk, CMR and R & R processes.

You would like to upgrade your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine to the latest level of technology? As the ZOLLER machines are of modular design and we develop our own software, we can usually offer you a solution, depending on the age and condition of the machines.

Should you ever require repairs or service, specially trained ZOLLER service technicians are at your service worldwide. Our ZOLLER subsidiaries also have spare parts available, so that you can benefit from fast reaction times.


Since1945, ZOLLER customers have trusted our reliable and innovative presetting and measuring machines. Our customers also trust us because ZOLLER provides unique support and service – worldwide.

In addition ZOLLER offers you preventive maintenance for your ZOLLER presetting and measuring machine to provide a long service life, precision and reliability. We also offer quality certificates, calibration services, targeted training, and ensure that your entire hard- and software is always in top condition.
Highly trained and equipped ZOLLER service staff are available to install and maintain the measuring machines. They train your operators and are available at short notice to assist you locally if required. Furthermore, the ZOLLER hotline supports you in user and service queries.

Our variable possibilities for preventive maintenance, calibration and services ensure and offer excellent service beyond the guarantee period of the measuring machine. The contract period is for a minimum of 3 years.



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