Fast and process-safe from part to part

"All one mold"

Jydsk Aluminium Industri (JAI), is one of the largest aluminum foundries in Europe, based in Denmark, and manufactures high-tech die-cast parts supplied directly to the production lines of leading European industrial companies. The main focus is on the automotive industry, with parts also being manufactured for the high voltage and maritime industries. Over 95% are exported, mainly to Germany. The cooperation with ZOLLER started in 1991, and since 2012, the company also works with ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the focus was on tool presetting and measuring. The decision to invest in a tool management system was triggered by the necessity for further increasing production speeds. One measure was retrofitting the ZOLLER tool presetting and measuring machines in use since 2003 and introducing the tool management by ZOLLER. "The target was to achieve more machine hours per day and more parts per hour and to reduce production times. We had to get faster from one completed part to the next", so Claus O.Nielsen, Project Manager at JAI.

100% Trust
The linchpin, the time saving "between the parts", is where solutions by ZOLLER lock in: external tool presetting and measuring, process-safe data transfer to the machine and, last not least, improved tool organization. "We save considerable amounts of time with the ZOLLER tool management, as everyone now knows exactly where the tools and single components are. A main benefit of the introduction lay in optimizing the structure of the tools and their stocks as well as organizing ourselves better. Today I know exactly which tool I need for which part, and how often", states Claus O.Nielsen. And adds: "In addition, we receive data from the ZOLLER tool presetting and measuring machines which we can trust implicitly."

Established on an existing data base
The "toolmanager", the predecessor of the TMS Tool Management Solutions, had already been in operation at JAI for ten years.
This had proven itself, but the demands made on a modern, comprehensive Tool-Management were no longer met: linking the components, the tools, the stores and the purchasing system could not be managed with this system.
A decisive advantage when introducing the new system was the option of building on the available data: the data, which has already been pre-structured in the "toolmanager" were transferred into the ZOLLER tool management system and can now be linked to the stores. In addition, the structure of the tool stores was improved and the component data given a new structure.

Process-safe data transfer
The transparent management of data in the ZOLLER TMS also ensures that correct measured values are available. The tools managed in the tool management system are identified on the ZOLLER tool presetting and measuring machines by the ID numbers of the Mazak chips integrated in the tool. Using the CPC networking system, the tool measuring data are then accessed by a total of eleven machines in real-time - a process-safe and time-saving procedure.
This process-safe data transfer from the tool presetting machine to the machine now allows running the machine at full load - without time-consuming test cuts.
"With the data provided by ZOLLER we can rely one hundred percent that we will not incur a machine crash. The data transfer to the Mazak machine runs smoothly with the »pilot 3.0« control of the measuring machines: new tools are clamped, the program is loaded and the "GO" key pressed - totally reliable" is how Mr Nielsen explains the procedure.

Stepwise introduction of Tool Management
Of all the options offered by the ZOLLER tool management system, JAI presently uses mainly stock and store management. "The clear graphic store management is simple to operate", confirms Lars Ostergaard, Production Engineer.
In future the system is also to be used by the purchasing department, so that orders can be generated directly from the TMS Tool Management Solutions.
Hans Jørgen Piepgräss of KJV, the Danish agent for ZOLLER, emphasizes: "We have jointly introduced the "tool management" stepwise over the past two years and will continue to expand it. You cannot change everything at once – the most important thing is to fill the data base with solid data right from the start."
JAI also looked at other systems on the market. The reason why the decision was taken in favor of ZOLLER was, "We have already been working successfully with the ZOLLER products for eleven years and the price-performance ratio for introducing the tool management system was also right", is how Mr Nielsen justifies the decision.

All from a single source – "all one mold"
The big plus at JAI is the overall ZOLLER solution – tool management, tool presetting and measuring machine and linking to the machine. Thanks to the process-safe data transfer from the tool presetting machine to the machine, there are no labels any more today, nothing is entered manually any more. From tool management to data transfer, the process is paperless and complies with demands for maximum process safety - and things go faster, from part to part.

Jdsk Aluminium Industri (JAI)
JAI is one of Europe's largest aluminum die-cast foundries. On a total production space of 17,000m² in the north of Denmark, the company looks back on over 65 years of experience in die-casting. The focus is on complex high-tech components, and since 2002 production takes place in a high-level automated machine factory.


<b>Production of high-tech die-cast parts for leading industrial companies in Europe</b><br />
<b>Management of tools and single components in the TMS Tool Management Solutions</b><br />
<b>Philipp Mahr, Application Engineer at ZOLLER with Claus O.Nielsen, Project Manager at JAI in the tool stores</b><br />
<b>Clear graphic store location management in TMS Tool Management Solutions</b><br />
<b>Jdsk Aluminium Industri (JAI)</b><br />
<b>Jdsk Aluminium Industri (JAI)</b><br />
<b>No crash: process-safe  data transfer to the machine</b><br />
<b>From left to right: Hans Jørgen Piepgräss, Technical Specialist KJV, ZOLLER agent Denmark, Claus O.Nielsen, Project Manager JAI, Bo Jensen, Production Manager JAI , Lars Østergaard, Production Engineer JAI, Philipp Mahr, Application Engineer ZOLLER</b><br />