High-Speed Tool Inspection at
the Highest Level

Staying ahead of the curve with speed

Global player with high technology demands

FRAISA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal cutting tools with the highest technological demands. The very forward-looking company is headquartered in Bellach, Switzerland with offices in Hungary, Germany and the USA.

All products from its development center for milling tools, drills, taps, indexable inserts and other types of tools stand out due to their maximum performance, precision and quality. In turn, FRAISA selects its partners based on the value they place on high quality.

A new generation of tools demands new measuring requirements

A new generation of tools takes current measurement technology to its limits. Issues such as variable increases in one tool, uneven pitch, different groove groups or also differential angles of twist represent particular challenges for measurement technology. Benedict Lochmatter, technology coach at FRAISA, is therefore constantly searching for solutions to meet new measurement requirements and demands.

More recently, the company needed an inspection solution for its high-precision grinding shop that would ideally measure the circumference and face of the tool at the same time. “We scoured the market and eventually decided that what we really needed was a new microscope. That is until we learned about the »pomBasic« universal tool inspection machine at the ZOLLER booth during the Control 2014 trade fair It was precisely what we were looking for,” says Lochmatter.

Both fast and precise

The ZOLLER »pomBasic« is impressive due to its rapid measurement speed, ease of use and concise documentation. Kadir Kilic, head of the high-precision grinding shop, is excited: “The »pomBasic« makes measuring as easy as using the »elephant« technology made famous by the »genius« universal measurement machine. Its large monitor with sharp resolution makes the work easier and more comfortable,” he adds, “much easier on the eyes than working with a microscope.”

But more importantly, “we can measure anything we need to quickly. For example, I can pivot the grinding face, then measure the circumference. This type of rapid and automatic contour measurement is only possible with the »pomBasic«,” adds Kilic.

The monitor's razor-sharp image allows the tool to flawlessly detect the tool's contour and surface. Also, the background image can be saved and accessed to compare to a current measurement at any time. For a target-actual comparison, DXF contours can be stored and accessed if needed.

»pomBasic« is used mainly for random measurements in series production, i.e. for quickly inspecting various metal cutting tools. All preferred diameters and lengths of tools produced can be measured and inspected. Face geometries and circumferences are measured in quick succession.

“Simply insert it and quickly measure it, that's what matters to us,” says Kilic. And it takes less than a minute to do this with the »pomBasic« – just insert the tool, position and measure it - test log and/or screenshot are also generated.

Simple usability – easy to learn

The »pomBasic« machine is set up centrally in FRAISA's high-precision grinding shop and is used by many shop employees – after just a brief training session. Technicians can configure the user interface to meet their own individual needs. “The »pomBasic« tool inspection machine is designed for use in the shop and is equipped with very easy to use and intuitive software, it gained immediate acceptance from the FRAISA employees,” explains Dieter Müller, application engineer at ZOLLER who oversaw its installation and start-up at FRAISA. Even after just the first day of training, shop technicians were able to perform measurements on the »pomBasic« quickly, confidently, precisely and independently.

Offering both manual and automatic measurement processes

Combining manual and automatic measurement processes is a particular advantage because all tool parameters required by the drawing can be precisely measured as specified. This means that in practice, all input or tool parameters entered from the grinding machine's profile program are checked and can be included in the testing log.
For each measuring task, at least three measurement variants are available. For the manual process, a measurement is performed by manually moving the axes while the machine automatically measures the contours. Alternatively, the cross-hair mode can be used to determine the geometry. The basis for the measurement precision of the »pomBasic« are the robust and stable construction and high-precision guides with integrated and protected distance measurement system.

Precision at all production levels

“Since we manufacture precision tools, it is important to us that we look at it not only from the manufacturing perspective. But also the measurement technology must be right,” emphasizes Adrian Hangartner, head of production at FRAISA and authorized representative. “We need the right grinding machine – and the right measurement device.”

Precision goes without saying. Many measurement technology suppliers offer precision devices down to the micrometer. “But Zoller's device has one additional advantage: speed,” says Benedict Lochmatter. Because those who want to stay ahead of the curve not only have to be precise, they have to be fast.

FRAISA produces metal cutting tools for the global metalworking industry. The company was founded in 1934. Today, it ranks among the leading manufacturers in its sector. Long-term commitment and sustained development are values that characterize FRAISA's corporate image. FRAISA stands for the highest possible technological requirements, creative engineering expertise, optimal quality and teamwork at all levels. Our goal is to help customers minimize their production costs through our high-performance tools and services and to maximize productivity in all areas. The bottom line is that the actual benefit for our customers matters to us.



<b></b><br /><p>
	FRAISA: is one of the world&#39;s leading manufacturers of metal cutting tools.</p>
<b></b><br /><p>
	Mr. Kilic, head of the high-precision grinding shop at FRAISA has much to say about the &raquo;pomBasic&laquo;: &ldquo;The &raquo;pomBasic&laquo; makes taking measurements very easy.....the large monitor with sharp resolution makes work considerably easier.&rdquo;</p>
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	<span id="fancybox-title-over">The &raquo;pomBasic&laquo; tool inspection machine is located centrally in the high-precision grinding shop and, after minimal training, most employees can use it.</span></p>
<b></b><br /><p>
	The &raquo;pomBasic&laquo; tool inspection machine is located centrally in the high-precision grinding shop and, after minimal training, most employees can use it.</p>
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	Producing precision tools should not only looked at from the manufacturing perspective, but the measurement technology must also be right.</p>
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	From left to right in front of the office headquarters at Bellach, Switzerland:Benedict Lochmatter, technology coach at FRAISA, Adrian Hangartner, head of production at FRAISA and authorized representative and Dieter M&uuml;ller, application engineer at ZOLLER.</p>