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Solutions for Smart Manufacturing (Manufacturing News 08/2016)

ZOLLER will present its product range, from tool presetting, measuring, inspection and automation to tool management software solutions at IMTS 2016. Modern tools have achieved a high level of performance and precision. Only correctly set and measured tools can be used. That calls for correspondingly highprecision inspection and measurement. Particularly with complex tools, precise tool setting is essential. In this process, ZOLLER assists with presetting and measuring devices that are custom-built to suit a variety of types and sizes of tools. “All ZOLLER systems satisfy the increasing requirements regarding 100% inspection, gapless documentation and traceability, regardless of the solution employed,” said a company spokesperson. This forms the basis for smart manufacturing: the consolidation of all tool data in a centralized database, process-reliable data exchange between machines and, using the automation solution »roboSet«, the option to fully automate quality assurance. Read more here!

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The State of Measurement Technology (Gear Solutions 08/2016)

Gear Solutions talked with Michael Stepke, Zoller's product specialist for inspection machines, about how the tool manufacturing industry's demands for higher quality require process control and complete documentation of production processes and how today's inspection machines address these needs.

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Medical Manufacturing Quality Suite (Advanced Manufacturing 03/2016)

In medical technology production facilities, the requirements governing end-to-end reproducible documentation are particularly demanding. Achieving the highest possible and uniform standards of quality across all production stations is the basic requirement for installing a validated quality assurance process. Whether for implants, prosthetics or medical instruments and appiances a manufacturer must be able to verify full compliance for all quality-related features.

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Consistent Networking Must Reach the Shop Floor (Manufacturing Engineering 03/2016)

"The increasingly broad range of products calls for a wide variety of different tools and for frequent tool changes. This means that the greatest variable in the production process is located squarely between machine spindle and workpiece: The tool!" states Christoph Zoller, CEO, who then goes on to say: "This variable is one, that can be managed by ZOLLER using networked systems. Tool data are processed in such a way that, at every step in production, the requisite tool data are being provided – from the planning stage, the creation of a CNC program, the inspection of tools or the transfer of data from presetter to machine in a compatible format for the controllers involved. We have lots of experience with this, and have undertaken some forward-thinking and pioneering work.

Indeed, the open-ness of ZOLLER products to all systems involved in the production process has been our hallmark characteristic right from day one".

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Saw Blade Inspection (Manufacturing News 02/2016)

ZOLLER offers its »pomBasic« and »sawCheck« inspection machines. The ZOLLER inspection device »pomBasic« is a compact solution for universal tool inspection. The image processing software »pomSoft« measures any geometries of drills, milling cutters, countersinks - and now also saw blades.

Read more in this press release from Manufacturing News!

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Tool Management: Start Small - Grow Big (Manufacturing Engineering 02/2016)

Tool management is a topic for every production facility. However, the first step is invariably the hardest. To begin with, this requires a big investment in terms of time and money, even though the rewards then arrive rapidly. What many do not know is this: When a ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring device is in operation, you can start work immediately on building up a tool database - an essential requirement for the introduction of a tool management software and for Industry 4.0 processes.

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What do ZOLLER and a simple gear have in common? Both are proven in use and high efficiency. (Gear Solutions 02/2015)

By presenting spiral face gears with an involute tooth line and an identical tooth profile in the normal section at any given radius, two applications are made possible for such face gears.

Gears have existed for over 2000 years and are an indispensable part of today's technology. Whether in the car, in a pinwheel, or a movement – a gear is used in many ways. In order to achieve perfect gearing, maximum efficiency, and maximum power, gears must be manufactured in a very precise manner with equally precise tools. Today's demands on gears—such as minimal friction forces, low noise, low maintenance, durability, and minimum weight—were made with the advent of mechanical engineering and the automotive and energy industries, and they have significantly grown in importance. Consequently, higher demands are placed on accuracy, and precise manufacturing is of utmost importance. In hobbing, several teeth are always in use at the same time thereby placing great demands on the accuracy of the tools, in particular for the production of large-module gears using new cutter concepts, such as the turning plate technology.

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MACHINES PROFILE (gearsolutions, Nov. 2014)

A global leader in presetting, tool management, and measurement, Zoller is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions to challenges.

In the wake of World War II, Alfred Zoller opened up a mechanical repair shop in Germany, performing repairs all different types of mechanical items. It wasn’t until more than two decades later that he developed an innovation that would send his company on a path of global expansion.

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Technology Meets Flexibility and Precision Requirements (Manufacturing News Northeast, Oct. 2014)

A modern aircraft is a highly complex machine. The safety of passengers as well as the reliability and cost-effectiveness of an airline's flying operations depends on error-free functioning of the parts and perfect interactions. This is based on state-of-the-art technology on board - and behind the scenes. It must also enable maximum possible flexibility in the "manufacturing" unit of "VIP and Governance”. The spectrum of parts is considerable, customer wishes are extremely individual and maintenance and repair work can be unpredictable.

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Capture Workpieces and Tools in Complete Detail (Manufacturing News West, Oct. 2014)

According to ZOLLER, 3D is the trend in measurimg technology. "A number of geometries can only be captured and evaluated in 3D, and they are also a lot closer to the construction drawings which are prepared in 3D", said a company spokesperson.

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Measuring is easy with Zoller (, Oct. 2014)

Interview with Christian Pfau, Head of Research & Development at ZOLLER.

One thing is certain, tool measuring and inspection machines need to be precise. What is often less clear, however, is how the machines work. This is why they are usually operated by specialists in special measuring rooms separated from their colleagues in production.

When you use ZOLLER machines, things look different. The machines can not only be positioned in the middle of the shop floor, they can also be operated by skilled workers from the workshop.

An example:  The employee of a metal cutting sub-contractor was not overly delighted when he visited the ZOLLER exhibition stand with his boss and was asked to test the »genius« machine with »elephant« technology himself. Initial panic was followed by a pleasant surprise. It was really as easy as promised. Instead of disgrace, his boss was impressed. » read more

New Dimensions For Measurement And Organization Of Cutting Tools (Manufacturing News Southeast, Aug. 2014)

"With its expanded product range of solutions for the measurement and organization of cutting tools, ZOLLER opens up new dimensions. ZOLLER offers expertise in all tasks relating to tools: presetting, measuring, inspecting and managing. ZOLLER provides products for measuring a simple tool to inspecting complex tools, for quality assurance, inspection of goods or extensive tool management tasks," said a company spokesperson. At IMTS, ZOLLER will demonstrate its entire spectrum of products.

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How Bosch Rexroth in Fountain Inn Pumps Up Manufacturing Cost Control (Werkzeug Technik, Sept. 2014)

At its Fountain Inn, SC, plant, Bosch Rexroth produces many different axial piston hydraulic pumps and valve housings for its drive products for heavy equipment and agricultural applications. Controlling the cost of more than 900 different tool assemblies it uses is a major task. A ZOLLER Tool Management System is how it’s done. its Fountain Inn, SC, plant, Bosch Rexroth produces many different axial piston hydraulic pumps and valve housings for its drive products for heavy equipment and agricultural applications. Controlling the cost of more than 900 different tool assemblies it uses is a major task. A ZOLLER tool management software is how it’s done.

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Taking off safely (fabricating & metalworking, Sept. 2014)

By linking CAM software into an advanced tool presetting system, this airline manufacturing unit efficiently manages a large tooling database and machining simulation on highly complex aircraft parts to quickly respond to market changes.

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New Tool Presetter (West Manufacturing News, May 2014)

"The  new »smile« combine decades of experience and user-oriented development," said a ZOLLER spokesperson.  "The ZOLLER my-Touch »pilot 2mT« touch screen operating technology is easy, selfexplanatory an saves on training expenses an makes work more conventient......"

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Presetting Becomes Prevalent (Modern Machine Shop, May 2014)

Next Intent implemented presetting and shrink-fit toolholding when it bought a five-axis machining center, but it has since seen these resources deliver value to machining centers throughout the shop.

Click here: Article From: 4/28/2014 Modern Machine Shop, ,

How much time is tool presetting saving for Next Intent, a defense and aerospace contract manufacturer in San Luis Obispo, Calif.?

That’s hard to say.

Today, the offset measurements for cutting tools used in this shop’s machining centers are obtained away from the machine. Each tool-and-toolholder assembly is measured in seconds at the presetter, without the machining center being interrupted. That is a big change from the way the shop’s staff is accustomed to measuring tools. The measurements used to be made at the machine tool, with the tool in the spindle, where the measurement might take 2 to 3 minutes per tool. To set up a job involving a large number of cutters, nearly an hour of potential machining time could be lost just on obtaining tool offsets.....

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Direct Interface Between Vericut an ZOLLER TMS (Northeast Manufacturing News, Feb. 2014)

CGTech, the developer of VERICUT CNC verification and simulation software, and ZOLLER, a leading presetting and measuring machine manufacturer and expert in the field of tool management, have announced a new product to better serve the customer base of the two companies.

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Machining Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing Application (Midwest Manufacturing News, Jan. 2014)

ZOLLER has partnered with Machining Cloud GmbH to provide the new Machining Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing application, a platform that offers applications, resources, services and information from a centralized database.

"Far more than a library of equipment, Machining Cloud is able to intelligently advise manufacturers regarding best practices specific to each unique manufacturing process," said a company spokesperson. "By enhancing part quality while increasing productivity, Machining Cloud is designed to make the job of manufacturing easier than ever before."

With Machining Cloud, ZOLLER makes available to manufacturers its array of tool management software.

Like all cloud-based applications, Machining Cloud uses a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data. Whereas traditional computing entails storing, managing and processing data on local servers or personal computers, cloud computing offers large amounts of readily accessible information, whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Measuring and Inspection Technology Features Full Automation (NORTHEAST MANUFACTURING NEWS, May 2013)

ZOLLER’s »roboSet« features a 6-axis articulated arm robot equipped with a sensor with ensitive forcemoment strain gage and two pneumatic parallel grippers at D 3-12 mm. »roboSet« can load shafted tools onto every ZOLLER CNC-controlledmeasuring device with automatic power clamping. It is designed for easy operation: hit the “start” button in the »pilot« software and »roboSet« will do the rest. Specific loading configurations and parameters are defined using a “pallet management” functionality incorporated in ZOLLER’s »pilot 3.0« software.

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Laboratory Application Takes on Shop Floor Environment (NORTHEAST MANUFACTURING NEWS, May 2013)

The new ZOLLER »pomSkpGo«, a portable desktop measuring machine especially designed for the measuring and preparation of cutting edges, takes a previously typical laboratory application to the shop floor. The carbon design allows for mobile use and is intended to provide precision and stability at the same time.

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Reality-Check to Avoid Collision (SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS, April 2013)

ZOLLER’s newly developed softwaremodule »tool realityCheck« is designed to allow a fast and precise collision check to determine whether the scanned tool matches the tool originally used for the simulation. The tool’s real, actual contour is recorded while being rotated, thus simulating the actual machining process.

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New Reality-Check to Avoid Collision (CNC WEST, April 2013)

Especially in the tool and mold making industry a considerable amount of time passes between the creation of a NC program an the actual use of "real" tools in the machining center…

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»roboSet« - The Smart Automation Solution (CNC WEST, April 2013)

With ist new »roboSet«, first introduces at IMTS 2012, Zoller offers an efficient automation solution for companies with high tool throughput levels…

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Tool Train (CTE, Feb. 2013)

The heart of rail technology beats in Germany, where the Bombardier Transportation division of the Canadian conglomerate is headquartered in Berlin...

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Zoller offers inspection for hob cutters (Geartechnology, Jan. 2013)

Gear cutting is an challenging task. Only perfect an re-sharpened tools can guarantee correct workpieces, short setup times and low downtimes of expensive gaer cutting machines…

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Software Module Prevents Collisions (Modern Maschine Shop, Feb. 2013)

The software module tool realityCheck from Zoller is designed to provide fast, precise collision checks during setup to determine whether a scanned tool matches the original simulation tool. The module records the tool’s actual contour while it is rotated, simulating the machining process...

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Zoller announces extensive Lunch & Learn Workshop Series (Industrial Machinery Digest, Jan 2013)

The correct tool data anytime and anywhere: ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions are key to a cost-effective manufacturing process…

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Real-time tool data is key to achieving higher productivity (European Tool & Mould Making Apr. 2012)

The managing director of the presetting and measuring machine manufacturer E.Zoller GmbH talks about entering the tool management software business...

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