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❄ VIDEO ❄ Seasons Greetings 2017

December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, from the bottoms of our hearts, we wish you a peaceful Christmas season and a good start to the new year with luck and success in all your projects and plans!

Thank you for challenging us in 2017 — we measure nearly everything, even incoming Christmas jobs! With that, we hope you enjoy our Christmas video!


There’s More to Discover! Utilize Your Manufacturing Potential Now and Stay Ahead

November 2017

Digitization is the path to networked, reliable manufacturing — and with ZOLLER, it's easier to achieve than you might think.

You can either select the right device from our current smart factory product portfolio, or we can retrofit your existing ZOLLER devices. With ZOLLER products, a connection to the future is always included, no matter when they were made. Experience the pulse oft the future with our VR App!

Check out our ► user video “Good parts faster” to find out how easy it can be to reduce unproductive downtimes, increase production capacities, and save tooling costs — no matter what ZOLLER device you're using./newsletters/de/2017-04/index.htm


The New ZOLLER »venturion 450« Is Here!

May 2017

The future of production is at hand. The new ZOLLER »venturion 450« not only impresses with its new, ergonomic »eQ« single-hand operating device and a striking new look, but it also offers everything you need for the networked manufacturing of the future!


Smart Solutions for Digital Manufacturing

January 2017

Call it Industry 4.0 or call it Digital Manufacturing — no matter which term you use the future will be a more networked one. ZOLLER, with 75 years of global manufacturing solutions experience, and celebrating 20 years in the US, offers solutions for networked manufacturing, from digital tool management to ready-for-Industry 4.0 presetters.

Read more about manufacturing solutions that put you a step ahead!


❄ VIDEO ❄ Seasons Greetings

December 2016

The year is drawing to a close, and we would like to say thanks for the trust you have shown us and for your positive collaboration.

From the bottoms of our hearts, we wish you a peaceful Christmas season, a good start to the new year, luck and success in all your projects and plans — and that your gifts arrive safe and on time!

And with that, we hope you enjoy our Christmas video!


Special Offer: Lowered Production Costs Can Be Yours

December 2016

Exciting news from ZOLLER! To ensure tooling control at point of use, we offer you a new tool management solution — the Tool Organizer Bundle, perfect for presetters with »pilot 3.0« image processing. This bundle can be included with the purchase of a new ZOLLER presetter or as an add-on to any current presetter with a »pilot 3.0« controller. All this is available at one low price that includes the software, tool organizer, shipping, installation, and one day of training.


45% Time Savings and Secure Data Transfer to the Machine

June 2016

Would you like to securely transfer your tool data from the presetter to the machine, and experience a 45% time reduction in data input? Just watch this video Simple Solutions for Data Transmission with »zidCode« to see how!

Read more about your untapped potential for quick, secure tool exchanges in this newsletter, including additional options for secure data transmission to the machine, enormous time savings using the Turning Advisor software function, and more transparency in tool data management by efficiently combining a presetter with tool management solutions.


This is how Industry 4.0 Reaches Your Production Facility!

March 2016

Networked, intelligent production processes that extend our competitive lead – that is the goal of Industry 4.0.

What can you do to best prepare for this, and which ZOLLER solutions should you implement in your production facility today? Watch our video and read more here.


New software functions – new options!

February 2016

ready for new challenges! The new software version 1.15 provides you with a vast array of options. For example:

  • professional entry-level to cost-effective tool presetting with the new »pilot 1.0« image processing;
  • the 'Turning Advisor' for genuine time savings during turning and milling machining operations;
  • more options for the precise determination of tool contours with the »contur« measurement program.



Tool Management: Is getting started difficult? Not with us!

October 2015

Getting started can be difficult – but not with ZOLLER!

Thanks to the modular design of ZOLLER software, you can start small and build up to something bigger! Read this newsletter to find out how you can get started using your ZOLLER tool presetter to store tool data, then....


Always look on the bright side...

July 2015

Stay relaxed throughout the production process – from the drawing to the finished part!

In this Newsletter, you will read just how easy tool measurement can be and how ZOLLER solutions can be integrated in your production process without any great complexity. Watch this video to see how ZOLLER solutions pay for themselves twice over – presetting and measuring instrument combined with efficient tool management.


Reach your goal: fast and easy!

May 2015

Staying ahead of the curve keeps you in front! Next to easy operation and precision, ZOLLER tool presetting, measuring and inspection machines primarily stand for speed. The principle of speed is demonstrated in perfection during measuring with the »pomBasic« – simply watch the new video and read our current user report.

 Quick and easy to operate – this distinguishes all ZOLLER software solutions, and this also the »expert« measuring program, which allows complex measurements per mouse click.

 Fast, easy and with high precision – this product promise has been delivered for decades by the »ace« (all clamping elements) high precision spindle. It is therefore also part of our promise of quality – that our products consistently add to your success.


Tool Management "to go": mobile access to tool data

March 2015

Tool data "to go" – yet another step in direction of smart industrial solutions in practice: this newsletter tells you how you can manage your tool data with the new TMS-App - from anywhere and at any time.

An overview on all current options with the TMS Tool Management Solutions is available in our new brochure.

Be it the mobile access to your tool data, the data transfer via tool identification systems or other requirements relating to smart industrial solutions - we are your partner when it comes to future-oriented solutions


Cost-effective from all angles!

January 2015

A new year spells new challenges, new ideas - time for new perspectives!

How to get from the drawing to the finished part quicker and safer in your production? A change of viewpoint sometimes makes it easier to discover untapped potential and new dimensions!


Assuring quality – optimizing tool usage!

May 2014

“Quality is no accident - it is always
the result of intelligent effort”

This statement by John Ruskin is what we take to heart in our daily work. We know that quality is not a status, but a daily source of motivation to continuously develop solutions in order to meet new challenges. The result: quality from which you can really profit. This newsletter will inform you about how our products can help you ensure the quality of your tools, increase satisfaction, and optimize tool usage.


Enjoy your vacation – let ZOLLER help with planning and organizing!

July 2014

Finally, it’s time for summer vacation! Are you ready to go? With ZOLLER, you can comfortably check off several items from your list. Organized tool data, someone in charge of presetting and measuring devices, documentation, ZOLLER’s got your covered even while you are on vacation.

No need to be afraid of flying: Read in our latest user report how ZOLLER's solutions for AVIATION technology help you take off safely.

Enjoy the reading and we wish you a relaxing and stress free vacation.


Following up - new at the trade show, strong on the market

An exciting trade show in Chicago is behind us. In this newsletter, we would like to summarize innovations and introduce you to products that have already proven successful on the market. From tool inspection for entry-level users to highly complex 3D tool digitalization, from process-reliable data communication for all situations to new CAM interfaces, we have put together solutions to meet your most diverse areas of application.
 Already proven yet still unmatched anywhere in the world and now a newly registered brand: the ZOLLER technology »elephant« for measuring standard tools completely automatically at the press of a button.
Whether proven on the market or newly developed – our solutions ensure greater efficiency for any kind of production, you can depend on that.


ZOLLER - Seasons Greetings

We wish you a wonderful holiday season with happiness, health and prosperity throughout the coming year.

All of us at ZOLLER wish to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty during the past year, and we look forward to a partnership of continued success in 2015.


Touch the Champion - experience the tool presetter for the next generation!

February 2014

The new »smile« is here! Experience the tool presetter for the next generation!

The new »smile« combines decades of experience and user-oriented development with typical ZOLLER innovation: unrivaled in this price segment in terms of performance scope and user-friendliness. Proven functional design, together with a new table system, make working on the machine a sheer pleasure as it leaves nothing to be desired from an ergonomic or operational point of view.

With its intuitive and state-of-the-art »pilot 2 mT« Touch Screen operation technology it sets standards in the advanced development of operator-friendly tool presetter and measuring machines. Self-explanatory and easy to grasp, it not only saves on training expenses but makes work considerably more convenient - find out for yourself!


2014: Choose your path!

January 2014

Where will your company be by the end of 2014? Will you lose valuable time searching for tools, or accepting machine downtime and reduced quality due to inaccurately preset tools - resulting in disappointed customers and employees? OR … Will you perform more successfully in the marketplace? 
You can manufacture high quality workpieces on time and at reasonable costs and prices - with satisfied customers and motivated employees.


ZOLLER - Seasons Greetings

December 2013

We wish you a wonderful holiday season with happiness, health and prosperity throughout the coming year.

All of us at ZOLLER wish to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty during the past year, and we look forward to a partnership of continued success in 2014.


ZOLLER News: CHECK THE SAVINGS! Smart solutions pay for themselves

November 2013

Well worth checking! As demonstrated by the case study of a sub-contractor for prototypes and small production runs - right from the first machine. The second case study demonstrates that professional tool management can release genuine capacities for product innovations.

Every ZOLLER solution focuses consistently on efficiency - and this includes the new management of measuring devices or our innovative automation solution for the smart factory of the future.

You are welcome to calculate the savings potential for your company yourself!


ZOLLER News: Update on innovations and proven products!

October 2013

"Intelligence in production" – this was the motto of this year's EMO. ZOLLER presented over twenty innovations on this subject, two of which we would like to showcase in this newsletter: the future of modern tool data management and new products from the »pom«-series for tool inspection. "State-of-the-art" not only applies to our novelties at the trade show, but also to proven ZOLLER technology. With over 6,500 units in operation since 1997, the »venturion« class of tool presetter and measuring machines provides intelligent solutions for the daily challenges in the production environment. For the vacuum valve manufacturer VAT it represents a strong partner in zero defect production. Last but not least: with our new software update download from you are always up-to-date!


Tool Management: organized forever – certainly pays!

July 2013

Machines are generally the focus when discussing the optimization of set-up times and tool life. Tool management often ranges a distant second. An expensive complacency - especially since it has been proven that getting tool cabinets organized pays dividends!


Software Update 1.12: Profit from new and useful features!

June 2013

Seek and you shall find? This idiom is a thing of the past with the new 1.12 version of our TMS Tool Management Systems. Transparent content management provides an overview of your tools anytime and anywhere.

The new version 1.12 and the corresponding image processing software »pilot 3.0«  are now available – allowing you to immediately benefit from a multitude of new and useful features.


ZOLLER & SANDVIK: New challenges - new tools - new measurement solutions!

May 2013

Every day, manufacturers and users alike are faced with new challenges, including tool innovations for new solutions in tool and measuring technology as well as quality assurance.
In 2012, SANDVIK Coromant extended its product portfolio with solutions for form milling cutters. Before then, no adequate measuring technology was available on the market.


News: Measuring Technology Product Portfolio Expanded!

April 2013

What once started at ZOLLER with presetting tools and developed further to Tool Presetters and Measuring Machines with inspection options has now become a full-fledged product portfolio for tool measuring technology that is used worldwide and across all industry sectors.

What sets us apart is that with ZOLLER, measuring tasks are no longer confined to the lab but can take place right where you need them, on the shop floor in the middle of your production facility..


News: the "Swiss army knife" among the presetting and measuring machines

March 2013

First class, long-lasting products with well thought-out operability and guaranteed cost-efficiency – that is our promise. We strive to develop and implement the best possible solution for our customers with each and every project.

Positive customer feedback and outstanding ratings during our recent ISO audit both equally confirm and encourage us in our approach.


News: Products that pay off!

January 2013

...full automation, compensation and efficiency – read the latest news on how ZOLLER products help you tune your tools with your machines. Make sure to always use the best tool and have the correct data at hand at each step of the manufacturing process.

ZOLLER keeps your machines running at all times – we will continue to make sure of that in 2013!


ZOLLER and »toolMax« wish you a Merry Christmas

Dezember 2012

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season with happiness, health and prosperity throughout the coming year.
All of us at ZOLLER join to express our sincere Thank You for your loyalty during the past year and look forward to a partnership of continued success in 2013.

Look forward to see the complete story of our »toolMax« in the new year. True to the motto: ZOLLER-powered, your tools will think it's Christmas every day!


Latest user reports (Bombardier Transportation, NOMOS Glashütte)

November 2012

For nearly 70 years our presetting and measuring machines have proven themselves worldwide in daily use. Read about the latest user reports on our Tool Management Solutions and measuring and inspection technology straight from manufacturing practice. ZOLLER products and software solutions convince with their exceptional level of precision, efficiency and user-friendliness. This premium standard is, last not least, due to the close exchange of information with our customers.


News: new products, new seminars!

October 2012

No matter where your company is located - ZOLLER is not far away. You can profit from the range of innovative products and the ZOLLER branches all over the world. Currently 248 qualified and committed ZOLLER sales and service engineers provide a smooth transfer of knowledge and performance between you and us in 48 countries.

We are looking forward to meeting you - worldwide at all major trade shows, in one of our presentation centres or at your company.


Convincing: horizontal presetting and measuring machine series »hyperion«

July 2012

100% prepared tools save on setup time and improve quality. Time-consuming presetting on the machine can be made virtually redundant – not only with regard to the Z and X geometry dimensions but the entire measurement and presetting of the center height. ZOLLER have extended the successful »hyperion« series by a CNC-driven Y axis.


ZOLLER boosts worldwide service!

June 2012

Wherever your company is located, we are always close to you as a reliable partner through our worldwide, comprehensive distribution and service network. More than 28,000 ZOLLER presetting, measuring and inspection machines including software solutions are used all over the world. Our number of employees in the service sector increases by at least 10% every year, thus providing even faster reaction times.

At  ZOLLER, proximity to customers is not simply a promise, it is reality: our unique service and support is made available to you in more than 48 countries.


Product News: Special edition new software functions! nen!

May 2012

Innovative technology combined with easy usability – this is where we set standards. Every day in our department we work to guarantee you simple and intuitive user interfaces, even for highly complex challenges, to let you operate economically and with μ-precise results.

With the current version 1.11 of our »pilot 3.0« software we have extended our worldwide unrivalled system of software modules including image processing technologies by such functions as the »cris« 3D measuring method, store location query and the generation of drawings from article characteristics. Make the most of these new opportunities!


Product News: meeting customer requirements with innovation

March 2012

Being close to the customer, extreme willingness to innovate, and enthusiasm for inspection and measuring technology, all drive us at ZOLLER. Being a competent partner and implementing customer requirements with practical relevance and suitable for workshops - this is where we are unrivalled worldwide.

For example, to meet the high requirements made on the quality assurance of our customers, we developed the »microsensor« option for the »genius 3«. This together with other innovative applications are covered in this newsletter.


Product News: Unchallenged Trendsetter

March 2012

ZOLLER has always stood for cost-effectiveness. To us this means focusing on the people who work with our machines. This is why our products not only meet the highest requirements for precision, but equally for ergonomic design to provide a comfortable, stress-free workplace.


New functions for efficient tool management

January 2012

Efficient tool management is the key to a cost-effective manufacturing process. It has been an inherent part of ZOLLER's in-house development for decades to provide these solutions.

The upcoming update of the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions 1.11 now offers new user-oriented functions for high performance tool and stock management, including, among others, a Hit-Flop list for the statistics module, measuring and test equipment management, a 3D generator, as well as device management.


From now on everything revolves around Christmas!

ZOLLER wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and good fortune, health and success in the New Year.

We cordially thank you for your trust in us and the good spirit of cooperation - and look forward to continuing to do so in 2012.


Video newsletter: »smile CNC« - our economic solution

ZOLLER products all have the same objective - to make production processes more efficient.

Therefore, we are setting standards, whether for standard applications or innovative special applications: ZOLLER always guarantees cost-effective solutions.