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The entry level for professional tool presetting and measuring

ZOLLER »smile« is a must for manufacturing companies carrying out machining work: easy to operate, exclusively constructed with high-quality brand name components, equipped with all standard measuring functions for professionally presetting and measuring cutting tools, and suitable for difficult workshop use thanks to its well thought-out construction. The variable control unit, the ergonomic single hand operating device »eQ« and the freely accessible tool clamp make work more comfortable. Along with quick and precise measurements, direct transmission of tool data to the processing machine is also guaranteed. There are a variety of reasons for greeting the challenges of the future with a »smile«.


ZOLLER »pilot« image processing


»eQ« single hand operating device


Consistent use of brand name products


Robust and equipped for the shop floor


Membrane keypad


Flexible adaptation to your manufacturing


Tool data transferrred directly to your machine control unit


SK 50 high-precision spindle

Key features:

Technical Data

  »smile 320« »smile 420« »smile 620«
Measuring range Z 350 mm 420 / 600* / 800* mm 420 / 600* / 800* mm
Measuring range X 160 mm 210 mm 310 mm
Diameter 320 mm 420 mm 620 mm
Snap gage Ø 0 mm 100 mm 100 mm




»pilot 1.0«

Quickly and easily preset and measure standard tools

  • Easy to operate
  • Less machine downtime
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced waste

»pilot 2 mT«

Touch and Slide

  • Intuitive touchscreen operating technology
  • Fast and easy operation, without extensive training required
  • Customized measuring processes and user-specific menu navigation
  • Precisely adjust, measure, test, and manage all kinds of cutting tools
  • Data transmission via machine connections and interfaces to third party systems

»pilot 3.0«

Prepared quickly and easily for any requirement

  • For both manual and CNC controlled presetting and measuring machines
  • For both small and large manufacturing needs
  • Conveniently and quickly preset, measure, inspect, and manage cutting tools of all kinds.
  • Transmit data via machine connections and interfaces to third party systems
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility

Data output tailored to your control technology

ZOLLER offers connections ot more than 100 different machine-readable output formats here. Manual entries are no longer necessary, since the data is directly available for the specific machine controller.

The following options are available for data output:

Measured tool data is printed onto a label used to identify the measured tool. Data can then be read out again with a scanner.

Alternatively, data can be stored on a cip in the tool holder with ZOLLER tool identification, then read later by the machine controller.

The most secure and most convenient data transmission option uses the DNC network. In this option, tool data is sent directly from the presetting and measuring machine to the machine controller.



Downloads und User Reports

  • Zoller_smile_brochuere_us
    »smile« brochure
    (1.13 MB)
  • Certificat_smile-usa-can_2017-11
    Certificat Electronic measuring equipment
    (2.07 MB)

Your added value

  • Never before seen scope of services in the entry-level price segment
  • Unique and ergonomic »eQ« one-hand control handle for manual, bilinear positioning of the optic carrier
  • Torsion-free construction made of dimensionally stable design elements
  • Lower maintenance expenses through the use of high-quality brand name products
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