Innovative software functions and a consistent operating concept for all applications

  • Intuitive operation: can be operated quickly, easily and free from errors by any employee
  • High-performance: comprehensive measuring, evaluation and administration functions
  • Intelligent: perfect interplay with all elements during production
  • Flexible: combination of modules to suit individual production processes
  • One for all: standardized data base for all ZOLLER products

Data transfer: Process-reliably to the machine

There are many different kinds of machine control systems. ZOLLER offers many ways of transmitting data in a secure and manufacturer-independent manner: Using labels, RFID chips, post-processors, or higher-level production management systems. ► Download PDF-Brochure »zidCode«

Video: Process-reliable transmission of tool data by
scanning the individual code on the tool holder.
Video: Process-reliable data transmission without
network connection by means of »zidCode«
(ZOLLER identification code)