From entry level to the ultimate level

Regardless of whether it concerns straightforward standard measuring procedures or highly complex, individual inspection requirements: ZOLLER will be presenting the entire product range on tool inspection technology at the GrindTec! Come and visit us, it is bound to pay off!

Solving individual requirements quickly and easily

The solutions of the »pom« series for process-oriented measuring are fast, convenient and extremely well suited for universal inspection tasks – both directly in goods receiving as well as in production.

What applies to goods receiving also applies to production: what has often been examined with great effort and difficult to repeat, can now be measured and documented quickly and reliably. ZOLLER universal measuring machines like the worldwide 600-fold proven »genius3« or the new »threadCheck« guarantee highest standards in quality assurance.

With the »3dCheck«, ZOLLER presents future-oriented options in metrology – experience them yourself!