Learn how to create the basis for efficient tool management with the individually structured tool library on your presetting and measuring device, or on an external workstation.


Subjects of the first training day:

Subjects of the second training day:

  • Basics of meaningful, expandable tool recording
  • Step programming and step management
  • Allocation and check of tolerances
  • Allocation of graphics
  • Creation of a parts list and graphical tool assembly
  • Management and editing of single components
  • Practical exercises and broadening of knowledge: Recording various tools according to specifications and creation of setup sheets

After the training, participants are able to record tools and setup sheets in a structured manner with their presetting and measuring device to create the basis for systematic tool management. This achieves transparency and enables even new staff to keep track of often highly complex production projects, and to prepare tools professionally.

Maximum number of participants for each training: Six people.
Registration Fee: 1st day $250. Participation in both days $500.


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